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iS Luxurious Dual Pool Swim Spa

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  • Pool Spa made for swimming with USA High Quality Acrylic
  • 9 Pumps
  • Bluetooth / Aux Music input
  • Water Fountain Feature
  • Steps with Handrail
  • Aromatherapy
  • Eight Layers Spa shell (including Steel frame)
  • Genuine 134 Stainless Steel Jets
  • Ozone Purifier
  • Sound System (2x 300w Speaker)
  • Programmable Multicolor Spa Light
  • Hard Leather Cover
  • PVC Exterior (Termite Free and Scratch Resistant)
  • Australian tested and Certified (SAA Certificate)
  • USA Acrylic
  • 134 Stainless Steel Jets
  • Ozone Purifier
  • Hydrotherapy System
  • Dynamic Lighting
  • Aromatherapy
  • Dual Filtration System
  • Water Fountains
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iS Luxurious Pool Swim Spa Vision

There are many types of pool spa out there, with a myriad of options, how do you know which spa to buy? and what options to get? every little option can cost you a few thousands dollars extra!

Here at innovation Square we have chosen the best quality spa material, combined with the best options all bundled up, all at a very affordable price. We challenge you to compare our pool spa price and compare it with your local retailers' spa with the same specification and options. You'll find that our spa is more than 30% OFF retail prices! (roughly $12000 savings or more).


You are buying a swim spa so that you can swim in it. So why buy a pool spa that's only 1.2 or 1.3m deep?
Our iS Luxurious Pool Swim Spa is 1.4 metre deep.
Others only offer 1.2 or 1.3m because it's cheaper to create swim spas that are not as deep as it uses less acrylic materials. (expensive stuff). 


Our iS Luxurious Pool Swim Spa comes with 2 separate electrical connection for both the pool and the spa. It also comes with 2 separate control panel for the pool and the spa. This means you can do a lot of things with this spa, i.e. have separate temperatures for both the pool and spa, or not turn on the pool if you just want to enjoy the spa to save electricity, etc. 


We have FIVE pumps dedicated for the pool section, and an additional FOUR pumps for the spa section.
We have in total of NINE pumps to ensure the pool have strong jets for maximum enjoyment. 


Our iS Luxurious Pool Spa is equipped with huge 2x 750W circulation pump. 1 dedicated for the pool, the other for the spa.
You need at least this much power to enjoy your pool spa.
Most other pool spa have only 350W for their circulation pump. 


The best thing about a pool swim spa is the fact that you can swim against the jets.
Our iS Luxurious Pool Spa have nine swim jets to ensure you can enjoy this feature to the max! 


One of the most important aspect of a spa is the Spa Shell itself. Pumps and other internal parts of the spa can be replaced if it's broken, but the shell itself can't be replaced.

Our iS Luxurious Pool Spa shell have 8 layers for extra strength and protection.


Our iS Luxurious Pool Swim Spa is fitted with a total of 134 stainless steel jets:
- 9x 5" Swimming Jets
- 19x 3.5" Water Jets
- 81x 2" Water Jets
- 10x Air Bubble Jets 
Best of all, these are all strategically placed all across both the pool and the spa for maximum enjoyment =).


Not only do we design the spa with the human body in mind, we also implement the concept of water therapy into our spa.
Temperature controlled water swirling across your body creates a relaxing and stimulating sensations that have pleasing effects on your body and mind. Our iS Luxurious Pool Swim Spa is fitted with spa jets that are strategically placed to alleviate pain and help blood circulation.


People's sense of smell has an enormous impact on our sense of well-being. Fragrances can conjure up images of dreamy landscapes, flowery fields, warm memories, favorite foods, and even desired moods. Without opening our eyes, scent has the power to transport us to another time and place. Our iS Leisure Pool Swim Spa is fitted with a system that allows user to insert a fragrance of their choosing that will then be infused with the water to create aromatic air bubbles. (This system is usually an option that easily cost $1000 extra)

NOTE: fragrance is not included with this purchase.


One of the best thing about having a portable spa instead of the traditional bathroom spa is that you do not have to refill the water each time you want to have a spa, or let alone clean the spa! With a touch of a button, our iS Leisure Pool Swim Spa is able to recycle the water and clean out all the dirt/bacterias from the water!


Our iS Luxurious Pool Swim Spa includes an ozone filtration system and Dual Filtration system. What the ozonator does is that it produces a natural chemical found in water. This reduces the need for chemicals and sanitisers. This ozonator automatically turns itself on whenever the cycle cleaning is in action. With the added option of our Ozone filtration system and the Dual Filters you can be sure your pool spa stays hot AND clean, ensuring a crystal clear water that is ready to use 24/7.

NOTE: 1x Disposable Ozone filtration cartridge and 2x Filters are included with this purchase.


Relax on the seats after swimming against the surf jets of the iS Luxurious Pool Swim Spa!


Just like a massage chair, the jet's pressure can be controlled individually. There are valves all around the spa that can control the jet's pressure. You can also turn the water features on/off with the valves.

body streching


Control the mood and set the ambience with the 22 surround lights with 7 adjustable changing colors that are scattered around the spa.You can either have the lights changing colors every few intervals, or lock the color of your choosing via the control panel.


We've INCLUDED Six Fountains at no additional cost.


Connect your iPod/iPhone/iPad/Android devices or ANY other music device either via the bluetooth function or by simply plugging it into our Aux connection. No need for messy converter etc. Plug and Play! 300W Speakers are built-in and with our superior spa insulation, you can be sure the speakers are safe!


Our iS Luxurious Pool Swim Spa comes with a very easy to use spa controller. One touch of a button to clean the spa after use. One touch of a button to set up pre-heating (you can even use a timer to set when you want it to start pre-heating. Maybe heat it just before you get home from work!) Our instruction manual goes through some of the more advanced feature.


iS Luxurious Pool Swim Spa comes included with a hard leather cover that will keep your pool spa protected from outside dirt / falling leaves and keeps the water warm for when you wish to use it.



Our iS Luxurious Pool Swim Spa uses Synthetic wooden skirting. This gives a real wooden look without the hassle of maintaining a real wood. So no polishing required to keep the same look over the years! Best of all, you don't ever have to worry about termites =).


Every wiring and motor is set to Australian and European standard to provide the safest possible spa.



Media Coverage

- Australian radio celebrities Kyle and Jackie O talks about innovation Square.

- Hear our Hot Tub Spa 'scandal' on the Sydney KiisFM Radio:

- Our iS Lifestyle Hot Tub Spa is featured in Inspirational Backyards Magazine:
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Model name:iS Luxurious Pool Swim Spa  
Model number:JCS-SS1  
Size:568 x 215 x 141.5 cm 
Dry Weight:1900kg  
Filled Weight:10300kg  

Bluetooth + Aux Entertainment Unit:


Sound System:

Standard, 2x up to 300W speakers 




Pool Size:408 x 215 x 140 cmSpa Size:

215 x 185 x 93 cm

Seating capacity:2 seats (or up to 4 - 8 adults capacity for swimming)Seating capacity:

4 seats + 1 lounger

Head Pillows:2 PcsHead Pillows:2 Pcs
Acrylic base:USA madeAcrylic base:USA made
Jets:45 Stainless Steel Jets: 
9x 5" Swimming Jets 
11x 3.5" Water Jets 
25x 2" Water Jets
Jets:74 Stainless Steel Jets:
8x 3.5" Swimming Jets
10x Air Bubble Jets
56x 2" Water Jets
Total Number of Pumps:5Total Number of Pumps:4
Jet Pump:2HP x 4Jet Pump:3HP x 1 plus 2HP x 1
Circulation Pump:745W x 1Circulation Pump:745W x 1
Electrical Requirement:Maximum 32ampsElectrical Requirement:Maximum 32amps
Voltage:240V / 50Hz / Single phaseVoltage:240V / 50Hz / Single phase


Acrylic Shell Color:Pearl WhiteAcrylic Shell Color:Pearl White
Synthetic Wood Skirting Color:Black / ChocolateSynthetic Wood Skirting Color:Black / Chocolate
Leather cover color:Matching with Skirting ColorLeather cover color:Matching with Skirting Color

Included Features:

Spa Shell 8 Layers Construction:

Standard: the 8 layers as follows:
1.  Pure Best Vinyl Ester Resin
2.  Best Vinyl Ester Resin + Fibreglass
3.  Transparent Vinyl Ester Resin + Fibreglass
4.  Vinyl Ester Resin + Fibreglass
5.  Vinyl Ester Resin + Cloth
6.  Vinyl Ester Resin + Fibreglass
7.  Vinyl Ester Resin + Cloth 
8.  Vinyl Ester Resin + Fibreglass

Spa Shell 8 Layers Construction:

Standard: the 8 layers as follows:
1.  Pure Best Vinyl Ester Resin
2.  Best Vinyl Ester Resin + Fibreglass
3.  Transparent Vinyl Ester Resin + Fibreglass
4.  Vinyl Ester Resin + Fibreglass
5.  Vinyl Ester Resin + Cloth
6.  Vinyl Ester Resin + Fibreglass
7.  Vinyl Ester Resin + Cloth
8.  Vinyl Ester Resin + Fibreglass

Pool Spa Shell Insulation:


Pool Spa Shell Insulation:

Intelligent Water Temperature Controller:StandardIntelligent Water Temperature Controller:Standard
Dynamic Water Features:Standard, 6x Fountains  
Stainless Steel Frame:StandardStainless Steel Frame:Standard
Stainless Steel Jet Pack:StandardStainless Steel Jet Pack:Standard
Dual Water Filtration System:StandardDual Water Filtration System:Standard
Fibreglass Base:StandardFibreglass Base:Standard
Variable water feature valves:Standard, 2x Air control Valve, 1x Fountain ValveVariable water feature valves:Standard, 4x Air control Valve, 2x Water Valve
Dynamic Surround Lighting LED:Standard, 24 pieces * 7 colorsDynamic Surround Lighting LED:Standard, 6 pieces * 7 colors
Underwater Light:Standard, 2Underwater Light:Standard
Back Lit Fountain Light:Standard  
Aromatherapy System:StandardAromatherapy System:Standard
LCD Control Panel:StandardLCD Control Panel:Standard
Thermal Proof Cabinet:StandardThermal Proof Cabinet:Standard
Lockable High Density Hardcover:StandardLockable High Density Hardcover:Standard
Steps with handrail:Standard  

Box Measurements:

Pool Spa Size:

568 x 215 x 140 cm

Cover box size:Box 1: 220 x 115.5 x 26 cm (25kg) 
 Box 2: 220 x 115.5 x 26 cm (25kg) 
 Box 3: 220 x 115.5 x 13 cm (23kg)  
Steps box size:Box 1: 160 x 140 x 85 cm (Steps, 35kg) 
 Box 2: 155 x 140 x 20 cm (Handrail, 15kg)  


Australian:SAA, EMC 



Dollar for Dollar, our iS Luxurious Pool Swim Spa will beat any brick and mortar spa retailers!*

NOTE: To install the spa you will need a qualified electrician. The spa needs to be placed on a solid ground and hard wired to a 32 amp connection.

*Research has shown that our iS Luxurious Pool Swim Spa, compared to pool spa of similar features and quality, is cheaper by an average of $8000.

Please note that the quotations provided on checkout is for a KERBSIDE delivery.

Note that if the delivery needs to be done all the way to the back of the house, over the fence, or more than 4 steps are required, extra charges will apply (only if you request for this) as we will need to use a truck with a crane. 

If you are located in a regional /remote area, we may be able to deliver to the closest depot in your area to save on your postage cost.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Delivery does NOT include unpacking or installation of the spa. To install the spa you will need a qualified electrician. The spa needs to be placed on a solid ground and hard wired to a 32 amp connection.

10 Years Structural, 8 Years Shell Warranty

The acrylic surfaces of iS Luxurious Swim Spa are covered against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 8 Years.

5 Years Plumbing, 5 Year Jets, 5 Year Heaters, 2 Year Pumps and other Electrical equipments

The cosmetic finish of the cabinet is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship at the time of initial delivery. Fading and weathering of the surface of the cabinet will occur naturally over time, and are not defects.

Mechanical components, jets, air valves, levers and bezels, are covered against defects in materials and workmanship


This warranty does not cover the following:

  • Transportation costs (other than the cost of sending a replacement part to you) or other consequential damages.
  • The cost of removal or installation of a complete hot tub or replacement hot tub.
  • Fading of colour, stains or discolouration after delivery.
  • Any damage caused by the improper use of chemicals or improperly maintained water chemistry.
  • Improper water chemistry could result in damage to support equipment or pose a possible health hazard.
  • Damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, improper installation (unless installed by us), exposure to fire or hazards of nature (e.g. earthquake or flood).

OPTIONAL Extra Warranty (you will need to enquire upon checkout if interested)

We also provide OPTIONAL onsite warranty!

What this ONSITE warranty does is if you have any issues with your spa, you can email us, and we'll troubleshoot your item immediately. If we can't solve the issue via email, we'll send a technician to your home to sort out the issue!

This onsite warranty is AUSTRALIA WIDE. This warranty is recommended to those who may not wish to tinker or not have any spare time. Our technician will get it all sorted for you.

To get this Onsite warranty, simply include a note for warranty upon checkout and we will send you an invoice that includes the Onsite warranty.

12 months ONSITE warranty - $340
36 months (3 years) ONSITE warranty - $568
60 months (5 years) ONSITE warranty - $880

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