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iS Stallion eco Rider Electric Scooter - Personal Mobility Device

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  • 100% Electric Scooter w/ massive wheels for tougher terrains
  • Up to 21km/hr speed
  • 4 wheels for added stability
  • Goes up to 45km in a single battery charge!
  • Front lights and back brake lights are included for Night Riding
  • 45 km for
    Single Charge
  • 100% Electrical
  • Bigger Wheels for
    Tougher Terrain
  • Eco-Friendly

iS Stallion eco Rider

For most people today, transportation is usually a source of stress and yet a very real necessity in their life. Almost everyone is tuned into finding the cheapest, easiest, most convenient and fastest way to getting around. If the vehicle on promotion is tagged as eco-friendly, then the item would be even more attractive to the buyer.

Here is where the Stallion Eco Rider can be your new best friend. This scooter can get you from point A to point B in the most convenient and enjoyable manner without costing you an arm and a leg. Its ability to withstand tougher terrain makes it suitable for off-road use too. Adding to the experience is the fact that owning such a scooter can give you back the riding fun you experienced as a child on your simple bicycle, where breaking a sweat, if any at all, was only part of the fun.

 iS Stallion eco Rider

Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy as the enviable owner of the sleek and exciting Stallion Eco Rider:
  ·     An eco-friendly alternative – since there is no need to burn fossil fuels, you can proudly claim to be an active contributing champion to the “go green” cause. You will be part of the growing number of conscientious people who work hard at trying to reduce the carbon emissions so evident in other choices of transportation.
  ·     Insurance and registration – as an owner of such an innovative invention, you will enjoy the benefits of not having to pay the conventional and compulsory fees, some of which may include on the road vehicle insurance fees, registration fees and driving license fees. That’s another cost savings for you.
  ·     Comparatively longer range – with this mode of transportation, you will not have to be stuck in traffic for most of your travel time. High amounts of fuel are usually wasted when a vehicle is stuck in traffic, but with the Stallion Eco Rider you have the option of taking alternative routes to avoid such inconveniences. If your chosen route is pleasurably scenic, then you would have also managed to enjoy a heightened positive experience, which now enables you to function as a happier person.
  ·     Fun, fun, fun – this is rarely the ingredient enjoyed when behind the wheel of a vehicle, unless the vehicle is one that is noted for its pleasurable driving experience, but even so, traffic jams and escalating fuel prices definitely put a damper on such promises. The Stallion Eco Rider is safe, easy and so enjoyable to use that any and all ages can enjoy using it. It is ideal for various different “getting around” purposes. There are many new features introduced in the Stallion Eco Rider which are not found in any other models, thus making it the best driving experience.
  ·     Safety features – with intelligent features incorporated into the mechanisms of the Stallion Eco Rider, you can be assured of getting into less trouble when there is loss of control. The standard electrical safety components and fuse protection for riders are just a couple of the many other features available.


The following are some of the technical features you can expect to note as the proud owner of a Stallion Eco Rider:
  ·     It has a top speed of 21 km/h
  ·     It runs up to a range of 45km on a single charge
  ·     Its net weight is only 75kg
  ·     Its gross weight is 90kg
  ·     The tire size used is 21 x 7 – 10 for the front wheel and 9 x 3.50 – 4 for the rear wheels
  ·     It can take on a maximum loading weight of up to 110kg
  ·     The product size measures 77 x 74 x 112cm
  ·     It is packaged into a carton size of 89 x 76 x 55cm


Besides the idea of owning such a vehicle for personal use, there are also many other areas where this item can be a useful addition to an organization. The following are just some of the areas where the Stallion Eco Rider can prove to be invaluable, both because of its convenient features and for its economical features:
  ·     Any type of security patrolling exercises can benefit from using this type of mobility vehicle
  ·     Can be rented out to tourists for use in confined areas such as around amusement parks, hotel grounds or nearby parks
  ·     Staff needing to get around vast factory floor areas more quickly and efficiently can also benefit from using this. It is also useful for getting from one building to another within the same complex area, warehouses, major shopping complexes or any other indoor facility.
  ·     It is ideal for those whose health will not allow them to walk or jog any distance. This will give the individual a higher level of mobility, which would then relieve others from having to play chauffer.


Any way you look at it, the Stallion Eco Rider is a worthwhile piece of equipment that should not be overlooked in favor of anything else.

iS Stallion eco Rider specification

Some assembly for this scooter is required to reduce the size of the shipping box. Full instruction for assembly is included in the user manual.

Delivery is available Australia wide to your door in capital cities, or to nearest depot in regional areas.
Note that an able bodied person is required to be at home at the time of delivery to assist the driver in unloading. The driver will only deliver the goods to the front door on the ground floor (or close to it), therefore it is recommended that you have a few people assisting you during delivery. Extra costs may incur if the delivery takes extra labour. Customer will need to pick item up from depot if no one is available at home at time of delivery, or a re-delivery fee will be incurred.

Postage cost is automatically calculated upon checkout. To get a quote on postage, simply proceed to the checkout.


 money back guaranteeWe provide 12 months warranty! What this mean is if you have any issues with your scooter, you can call or email us anytime, and we'll resolve your issues ASAP. Once the issue has been diagnosed, we'll send you the appropriate parts with full comprehensive instruction on how to replace it.

NOTE: just like any other vehicle, damage due to accident is not covered by the warranty.


*Please note that for any refunds, shipping is not refundable, buyer pays return shipping. Please refer to the terms and conditions for full detail.

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