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Health Benefits of Indoor Hot Tub Spas and Large Outdoor Spas

Soaking in a large outdoor spa or indoor hot tub spa can bring several health benefits. Our indoor hot tub spa and outdoor spas are built to mimic natural hot springs by focusing on three simple principles that affect the body.

1. Heat
- When your body absorbs heat, several subtle physiological processes occur. The warming of your blood causes blood vessels to dilate, resulting in subsequent reduced blood pressure.
- Hot water causes muscle relaxation by driving heat deep into your muscles. By maintaining the
temperature of the water the heat is returned deep into your body at a warmer temperature than before, delivering therapeutic heat where other treatments cannot.

2. Buoyancy
- The natural buoyancy of the water supports approximately 90% of weight, reducing strain on joints
- Reduced pressure on joints and muscles aid in the relaxation process.

3. Hydrotherapy
- Focused streams of water provide therapeutic massage sensations which you can control in accordance to preferred intensity.

Medical Benefits
- Muscle Pain Relief
The effect of the water has the same effect that a hot pack would have on a sore muscle, aiding in loosening muscle tightness.

- Arthritis Relief
The buoyancy from being immersed in water allows for free movement of the joints with the water.

- Better Blood Flow
The dilation of blood vessels brought on by the submersion in hot water increases blood flow throughout the body.

- Insomnia
Warm water massages can stimulate your body to release endorphins which in turn reduce stress and thereby encourages deep and peaceful sleep.

- Joint Pain
Warm water will dilate blood vessels and elevate painful symptoms and swelling that occurs due to joint pains.

- Weight Loss
When used regularly (3-4 times a week for 30 minutes), hot tubs can help accelerate weight loss.

- General Wellbeing
Hydrotherapy encourages relaxation and rejuvenation, key factors in one’s general wellbeing.

- Headaches
The high pressured jets relieve and prevent headaches from occurring by reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

- Poor Circulation
The warm water in the hot tub will aid in opening up blood vessels thereby decreasing blood pressure, easing blood flow and improving circulation.

- Chronic Pain Relief
Hot tub therapy can elevate pain by massaging pressure points on the body where the pain is most acute.

Our Products
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