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Innovative Rehabilitation Wheelchairs for Sale Online

There are very few things worse than becoming ill or having an accident. Then, when you enter into a rehab program you can find yourself at the mercy of a carer to push you around in a chair. If you’ve been looking for a new way to go about getting around while under rehabilitation that involves exercise and independence, these our pedal chairs for sale are sure to impress.

Designed in Japan, these pedal wheelchairs are made with ease of use in mind. While other chairs are either motorised (hence in need of recharging) or manual (using only upper body) they’re not specifically created with rehab in mind. These absolutely are, and have a whole range of great features such as:

  • A lever control system for brakes and steering which is operated by one hand, making turning simple. It’s incredibly easy to learn how to work, too!
  • A pedal system fitted that gives the user the ability to work out their legs and increase muscle mass and dexterity. Being able to pedal also means that getting from A to B is a much easier task.
  • An advanced disc or drum brake system (depending on the size you choose) that ensures you can stop when and where you need to in a hurry.
  • Two rear auxiliary wheels and another front auxiliary wheel to keep the chair stable and prevent it from tipping over (the front wheel even has shock-absorbing functionality!)
  • And more additional extras that you can purchase to fit

Our Profhand rehab wheelchairs for sale online come in a variety of colour/size combinations; we offer both red and yellow colours and large to medium sizes. For a great way to see some expedient improvements, be sure to consider one of these rehabilitation wheelchairs. We even offer free shipping to any capital city in Australia.

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On top of these great rehab chairs, you can find so much more for sale throughout our store. With outdoor spas and much more, if it’s innovative you’re sure to find it here. Call us on 1300 78 00 22 if you have any questions.