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  • Dec 23, 2016

    In any line of work a bit of pressure can help to keep staff motivated and engaged towards achieving a company’s goals. However, constant and excessive pressure can produce negative results in workers if they start to feel as if they are unable to cope and become stressed out. This is why learning some work relaxation techniques can be beneficial to negate the effects caused by stress in helping you to slow down, conserve energy, and keep a healthy perspective in your workplace.

    Here are our top 5 workplace relaxation tips for you to try out:

    1. Stretching
    One easy way to combat stress at work and help you relax is by doing some simple stretches. Sitting at a desk for long hours and repetitive motion puts pressure on your joints and muscles, eventually leading to fatigue. So in addition to taking a quick break from a long period of sustained work, exercises such as shoulder shrugs or circles and upper back stretches can help to ease the tension in your body and prepare it for the rest of the working day.

    2. Visualisation
    A newly popular relaxation method used in many modern workplaces is visualisation. The idea behind this is that by taking some time out to simply visualise your favourite relaxation scene or method will help you to de-stress your body and mind. Proponents of this method try to employ as many of their senses in the mental vacation process as possible, including sight, smell and sound.

    3. Taking a Walk at Lunchtime
    Serious stress related issues can take their toll on your mind, body and indeed wallet; which is why it is important to manage work related pressure. One simple and free way of combating stress is taking a walk at lunchtime. Many workplaces are so busy staff may opt to take their lunch breaks at their desks but there are real benefits to stepping away for a few minutes. In addition to taking in a change of scenery during your stroll, a walk can also help you clear your head and organise your thoughts into a plan of action.

    4. Meditation
    As with the other workplace relaxation tips in this list, meditation is another concept that can benefit people when it comes to reducing work related stress. This is because the discipline helps us to concentrate on the present and ignore everything else. Researchers believe that even for those whose stress levels are quite high and whose minds are more likely to wander during meditation, the process of focusing and refocusing helps to ease anxiety and calm you down.

    5. Be Organised
    Another way to combat stress at work is by keeping your work environment organised. Studies have shown that throwing away old paperwork, de-cluttering and even organising files on your computer can have a positive effect on your stress levels. A certain level of organisation helps you to create clearer goals, puts tasks into perspective and allows you to feel calmer.

    Other workplace relaxation techniques include getting a plant for your office, keeping a journal and among others progressive muscle relaxation. All of these can help with combating stress and hopefully the top 5 workplace relaxation tips above can help you make a difference in your daily working life.


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