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  • Apr 1, 2016 Massage Chair

    Most people will have walked past massage chairs in their local shopping mall, and some may have even tried it, but a few minutes during a shopping trip may not be enough to gauge the true effectiveness of this truly beneficial way to destress. If you are looking into getting a massage chair for your home, or already own one, this post will look at why this decision is an advantageous one that you won’t quickly regret.

    As with any health-related issues, knowing the specific areas that need attention will improve the healing process, but listed below are some immediate health benefits massage chair users stand to gain:

    Improved Posture and Muscle Relaxation

    One of the benefits of using a massage chair at home is the fact that you are able to enjoy a massage at your leisure. Because massage chairs focus on specific areas by using a range of strokes, they relieve pain and relax your muscles which allows for better movement. In general, we tend to put extra strain on other muscles to alleviate pain, so relaxed muscles allow your body to realign, thereby improving posture and balance.

    Spine Alignment and Less Pressure on Nerves

    There are major nerves that connect our vertebrae to the rest of our body, and these can sometimes become compressed, due to tension or bad posture. By receiving a massage in a sitting position, your back is supported by the massage chair and pressure on your spine is reduced. By concentrating on the affected areas, these chairs can also help to relax your vertebrae muscles, thereby freeing nerves of any pressure and allowing the body to realign more naturally.

    Stress Relief

    Although massage therapy has been found to be helpful with a variety of physical and pain conditions, one benefit of the practise that cannot be understated is stress relief. By relieving stress, massage chair users not only improve their mental wellbeing, but also reduce any physiological side effects that are caused by stress. Another reason why this product is a good idea is that it is easier to remain in a relaxed state if you are at home, rather that at a shopping mall.

    Improved Circulation

    Circulation can also be improved, which speeds up the body’s healing process by increasing blood flow and the distribution of nutrients and oxygen to organs and cells. By being at home, massage chair owners can reap the full benefits of their therapy through more sustained massages and longer rest periods.

    While all types of this therapy including shopping mall massage chairs have their benefits, given the fewer time and activity restrictions de-stressing at home is a good idea. By utilising a massage chair at home, you can make time for proper sessions and benefit from the health gains mentioned above by being able to stay relaxed for longer. With health benefits such as less stress, improved circulation, posture, and health, a massage chair is definitely worth a try.


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