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  • Dec 7, 2015 Jet Ski

    What we have been waiting for, ever since winter struck us down cold for 3 miserable months is now upon us. Those warm, sultry days where the sun takes forever to disappear over the beckoning horizon have finally arrived. Our thick warm coats and gloves can be unceremoniously kicked aside with glee and anticipation for the long summer days ahead.


    It is amazing how different we feel when those first tentacles from a warm breeze caress our face, tempting the shedding of those heavy outer garments. All hope and memories of outdoor activities spring alive in our minds. There is so much more we can do when the weather improves and becomes once again desirable: -

    • Long walks in the parks and gardens
    • Jump on a bicycle and see how far you can pedal
    • Climb a mountain, or a hill at the very least
    • Picnics or barbeques in the countryside
    • Camping in a tent by a rambling river or lake
    • Spending long days at the beach, swimming or snorkelling
    • Fishing from the end of a pier or from a boat
    • Wind surfing or sailing in a yacht
    • Taking a jet ski out for an adventure

    Now, that last activity sounds exciting – a jet ski! What fun could you have with that? It is a lot easier to manage and of course easier on the finances than a boat. Let’s look at the benefits of owning a jet ski:-

    • Towing behind a car would cause less drag, therefore diminishing the petrol consumption compared to a heavy boat
    • A jet ski can be easily launched at more locations avoiding long delays at boat ramps
    • Due to its design a jet ski is very manoeuvrable in the water, allowing access to areas that are too small for boats
    • Upkeep and fuel costs are greatly reduced to what you would spend on running a boat
    • The whole family can enjoy this activity as the jet ski can come into shore to change over passengers, frequently
    • Storage at home is not a problem – there is always a corner where you could stow a jet ski
    • The purchase price of a jet ski is within reach of most working families

    So what’s holding you back? Find a reasonable & reputable supplier and the fun begins.


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