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  • Jul 27, 2016 Wheelchair

    Are you the caregiver/family member of a recovering stroke patient? Have you been looking for a wheelchair that can improve the patient’s mobility as well as speed up rehabilitation? What your patient requires is the highly flexible and user-friendly Profhand Pedal Wheelchair.

    The number of stroke rehabilitation exercises that a patient has to go through could be far too many. This, along with restricted movements on a wheelchair, could make him/her irritable and obstinate. The Profhand Pedal Wheelchair, tried and tested in Japan, is a boon to such people as well as their caregivers/institutions involved in rehabilitation.

    Easy Manoeuvrability: Colourful (unlike the drab-looking regular wheelchair), lightweight, and with the break and controls that can be managed either by the right or the left hand, the individual is free to manoeuvre the three-wheeled chair with both the legs strapped to the pedal. Even the leg that has been rendered immobile with the stroke automatically participates in the pedalling.

    Increased Independence: Ability to manoeuvre easily – forward, reverse, and 360 degree – makes the patient more independent. This, in turn, boosts his/her confidence and aids in speedier recovery.

    Improved Coordination: Quick coordination between hands, legs, eyes, ears, and brain is a must to operate the wheelchair. Neurologists believe that like any able person, the chair cycling mechanism enables the individual to pedal without thinking, improving both motor and neurological functions of the body. Additionally, controlling the break with hands can strengthen the hand muscles.

    Rehabilitation Exercise: Pedalling this tricycle wheelchair is one of the best rehabilitation exercises for patients with partial stroke especially those involving the leg. 

    Lesser Personal Attention: Using a Profhand Wheelchair can benefit the institutions involved in rehabilitation too. Unlike the ordinary wheelchair, the patients will require lesser personal attention. Additionally, these wheelchairs need very low maintenance.

    Human brain controls almost all our body functions. The right half of the brain is responsible for the body functions of the left side and the left half for the right side. A stroke can block blood and oxygen flow to some areas of the brain and it loses the ability to control the corresponding body functions.

    Recovery from stroke is a long and tedious one. Depending on the severity of the stroke, a patient may take few years to completely recover from a hemiplegia (partial paralysis of one side of the body) or hemiparesis (weakness in one side of the body).

    Replace the regular wheelchair with a Profhand Pedal Wheelchair for the stroke patients and aid in their faster recovery.      


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