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  • Sep 11, 2014 Spa

    Maintain Your Indoor or Outdoor Hot Tub Spa

    -   Ensure that the water in your spa is properly treated and carries the correct levels of chemicals.

    -   Keep the water clean and clear by removing leaves daily, and vacuuming regularly

    -   Clean skimmer and pump baskets on a regular basis

    -   Keep pipes, filters and motors in good working condition

    -   Clean filters when required

    -   Ensure all electrical equipment is kept in good condition with all repairs being performed by a licensed electrician.


    Spa Water Quality 

    PH Balance

    Indoor and outdoor hot tub spas large or small should ideally be maintained at a relatively neutral pH level for a variety of considerations. Proper water management starts with the analysis and balance of the water in the tub.


    Cloudy Water

    There are several problems commonly associated with water from large outdoor or indoor hot tub spas. Cloudy or hazy water is one of the most frequent problems that is encountered. There isn’t a specific cause of the water in hot tubs turning murky, milky, grey or hazy. Factors such as dead algae, inadequate sanitation, organic debris, suspended insoluble particles and a myriad more contribute to this water shift.


    Slime and Odor:

    Bacteria and algae can be found on underwater surfaces of an inadequately maintained spa or hot tub. Slippery, slimy feeling on underwater spa surfaces is a symptom of this problem. Proper sanitation and circulation of water will eliminate this problem. 


    Algae and Mould:

    A poorly treated spa is a perfect environment for microorganisms of all types to thrive. Microorganisms such as algae, bacteria, slimes and mould present themselves in various ways such as cloudy water, or slippery underwater surfaces. There are several spa water sanitising options conveniently available that will help you maintain sparkling clear spa water.


    Spa Water Sanitisers

    -   Chlorine

    -   Chlorine Generator

    -   Bromine

    -   Biguanide (PHMB)

    -   Ionisers

    -   Mineral Purifiers

    -   Ozonators

    -   Ultra-Violet (UV) Sanitizers

    -    Shock Treatment

    Note: Incorrect use of chlorine may cause rust on some of the stainless steel parts of the spa. In this case, Bromine can be a good alternative.


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