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  • Mar 29, 2016 Accessories

    For most people, a hot tub is one of the more significant investments. Typically, it’s critical to put the time and effort in to make sure that upkeep is adhered to, allowing you to enjoy your hot tub long-term. To help new and existing owners, this post will look at how to maintain your tub, so that you get the most out of your spa experience.

    Testing and Maintaining your Hot Tub Water Chemical Levels:

    There are many important aspects that should make up your hot tub maintenance routine such as cleaning filters and covers, but none are as important as looking after your system’s water. The most important aspect is maintaining the hot tub’s recommended water chemical levels, in order to prevent the corrosion of equipment or proliferation of bacteria.

    • Sanitise your Hot Tub: A common way to clean and sanitise water and the tub’s surface is by using chlorine, either as a powder or in tablet form. However, bromine, a less harsh chemical, is now also widely used. Bromine or chlorine tablets can be dissolved using a floater.
    • Check Water Mineral Levels: To achieve the correct chemical levels for your hot tub, begin by testing the spa’s mineral content. Daily checks should be made for chlorine levels, as well as total alkalinity and calcium hardness.
    • Applying Chemicals to your Spa: Any chemicals recording low levels should be added as required one at a time.
    • Keep an eye on PH Levels: The last task on maintaining your chemical intensities is to check the water’s PH levels. A hot tub’s PH levels can be adjusted using sodium bicarbonate, which helps in stabilising the water’s alkalinity, as well as adding chlorine or bromine.
    • Freshen Up Your Hot Tub: Last but not least is regular use of an odoriser to keep your hot tub’s water clean and clear. Depending on how often you use your spa, an odoriser treatment once a week or every few days should be sufficient to kill bather waste and keep the water clean.

    Cleaning Filters and Covers

    Of equal importance with your hot tub’s water are the filters and cover, as they also play a part in keeping the equipment clean and running well.

    • Cleaning the Filter: Regular cleaning of your filter helps prevent it from clogging up and ensure it continues to do its job efficiently. In general, cleaning your filter every fortnight, using running water to wash off any dirt, is recommended.  A cleanser can also be used to clean the filter every few months or when the water is changed.
    • Cleaning and Conditioning your Cover: Covers play an important part in keeping your water clean, and as such, cleaning your hot tub cover once a month should be sufficient to keep it in good shape. Acrylic covers can be easily cleaned using a gentle cleaner and soft sponge or cloth, while vinyl covers also require conditioning for protection against UV rays and mildew.

    Maintaining your hot tub is an important part of your spa experience as it prolongs the life and efficiency of such a big investment. Following the tips above and those recommended by your hot tub manufacturer will ensure you get the most out of your spa experience.


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