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  • May 11, 2014 Outdoor Furniture

    Your garden is a large outdoor space. You can’t leave it empty, but you also can’t afford to fill it up with furniture that doesn’t complement the surroundings. Here are some tips to decorate your garden by choosing the ideal Innovation Square outdoor furniture.

    Most Important Factors

    Make sure to consider these instant tips on factors to be considered when choosing the best outdoor furniture for your garden:

    • Consider your own style – country, contemporary or casual;
    • Consider your material of choice – wood, wicker, plastic, metal or wrought iron;
    • Consider the quality, which will affect the price;

    If you are on a budget, it is recommended to consider just one piece of furniture at a time. It will be best to begin with a set of wicker  Coffee Table and Chairs.

    Tips for Choosing your Outdoor Coffee Table

    1. Quality

    When it comes to wicker, it is a natural material and you can accept certain minor irregularities. However, don’t overlook split fibers and rough finish. Especially for outdoors where the floors can become damp, make sure that the coffee table and the chairs have legs that could raise the base off the ground.

    Without concern whether you are looking for a coffee table for outdoors or indoors, the colour and style must complement the surroundings.

    2. Colour

    Choose the colour based on your existing interior accents. Use the same scheme outdoors to maintain that calm uniformity. Go beyond black, white and brown by adding a splash of colour. You may also create your custom colour options and ask the designer to deliver as per your requirements.

    3. Height

    Height may not be of much concern for an indoor coffee table, but it matters when choosing that outdoor piece of furniture.  Comfort is an important factor in the choice of height, but style also plays some crucial role. Make sure that the coffee table has the same height as your seating height or a little higher. You don’t want anything taller than that, because that would make nothing more than a side table.

    4. Shape

    Rectangular is a shape of choice, but you can experiment with a square table too. However, there are many reasons and dynamics that favor the use of a rectangular piece of outdoor furniture. It offers easy access to everyone and creates a more dynamic feel from both practical and aesthetic perspectives.

    Looking Beyond the Coffee Table

    It is not essential that your choice of outdoor furniture be limited to the coffee table. There are many other options too.

    • If you are a growing family with kids, you can consider a picnic table;
    • If you are a couple, a bistro table gives a romantic outdoor dining experience;

    End tables and large coffee tables are perfect for a large family or those who have a larger circle of friends and family who visit too often.

    Consider all the different factors mentioned above to make your choice of the perfect outdoor furniture. Innovation Square has a wide range of coffee table and other outdoor furniture to help you decorate your garden. Check the complete range of options for their high quality material and colours.


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