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  • Apr 8, 2014 Spa

    It has come to our attention that some spa sellers tries to cut corners by selling unsafe / uncertified / banned spas.

    They entice customers by offering prices that may seem too good to be true, even more than our awesome spa deal which is already 50% off retailers price!

    But BEWARE!

    Unsafe spa feature(s) may include (but not limited to) potty skimmers, part of a filtration system that resembles a child's chamber pot or other toilet device without protective devices. 
    This can cause serious injury or even death if a child's body part is stuck in there.

    Best way to ensure you are buying a safe spa is to ALWAYS ask for SAA certification for the model of the spa that you are buying.
    This ensures you buy a spa that has been tested for it's quality and safety according to the Australian standards (do not get tricked into accepting other country's standard, as Australia's standard is the tightest).

    An example of a SAA certificate is such as the one we have for our iS Lifestyle Spa:
    iS Lifestyle Spa SAA Certification 

    The certificate clearly shows the model number, and the SAA Certificate Number, which can also be double checked from SAA's official website:

    The last thing you want after investing into a spa is an unsafe product that can harm your family.

    We hope you find this article helpful.


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