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  • Apr 28, 2014 Massage Chair

    Almost everyone today leads a hectic life, and is constantly trying to set the perfect balance between work and personal life. All this is taking place while trying to excel in your field of specialization – whether you are a professional or a homemaker. Though being on top of things is a good thing, the stress and strain caused by it is not. The one way to release all that built- up tension and strain is with a good-quality massage chair. Any person who has tried one of these will tell you that it’s relaxing to the core and a definite stress-buster. Here are some of the benefits of using a massage chair: 

    • Pain relief- This is the most immediate benefit. Shoulder aches and back pains are not exclusive maladies of the old and infirm. Sedentary lifestyles and lack of exercise has led to many young people developing these too. Relaxing in a massage chair eases body aches & pains.
    • Stress relief- Stress and tension are among the biggest causes of headaches. Sitting in a good massage chair helps relax your shoulder, neck and head area off stress and the associated side-effects like headaches.
    • Muscle relaxation- Many people feel a certain amount of discomfort after they have carried out a strenuous physical activity or of they have had a long day at work/school. Fatigue, discomfort and soreness are very common symptoms of physical strain and 10-15 minutes in a massage chair can loosen and relax your muscles. One of the main benefits of using a massage chair is that it has modes, settings and programs and you can use one that will target specific areas of body and help in relieving stress.
    • Improves spine alignment- Massage chairs and especially ones with an automatic recline function support the spine while the massage is being carried out. This allows the spine to stretch and relax and eases the pressure, thus improving its alignment.

    And So Much More…

    In addition to all these benefits, a massage chair improves overall posture as bad posture is generally a result of misalignments of the neck, shoulder and spine. It is beneficial in correcting these and improves the posture. It also improves blood circulation, helps in flushing-out the toxins from your body and regulates blood pressure. Since it increases the natural flow of lymphatic fluids and stimulates secretion of endorphins, it helps you deal with stress and pain in a better way. It is also known to alleviate insomnia and various other sleeping disorders.


    Think Stress-Free

    Many must be thinking that a traditional massage from a masseuse or a therapist too does all of this. But it’s not really feasible, practical or pocket-friendly to keep up with regular appointments with a masseuse/therapist. Opt for a good massage chair instead and forget about travelling to a clinic, spa or gym. Instead get your massage in the comfort and privacy of your home at a time that suits you. 


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